Finding Christmas

You’ll want to get this book for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It’s fun, creative and reminds us of the real meaning of Christmas.

Marko, a handsome and brave country mouse, embarks on a wild, winter adventure to find Christmas. His dangerous, heart-pumping journey takes him to the city of Abbyville, where “they” say, he is sure to find Christmas.
There Marko meets a vivacious, brown-eyed city mouse named Bella. He quickly discovers Bella loves adventure every bit as much as he does. After serving cookies and hot milk Bella takes him into the heart of the busy city where she says, “You will learn everything you need to know about Christmas. The two delightful, little mice will soon discover Christmas is nothing like either of them expected. Are you brave enough to join Marko on his adventure in search of Christmas?

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